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Thai natural latex pillow price analysis? Latex pillow true and false identification? Latex pillow brand

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Natural latex pillows are a very popular pillow. Because the comfort and health of the latex pillow is very good, and its raw material is pure natural and pollution-free rubber tree juice, which is in line with the current thinking of green life, people love it more and more, then its role is Only these? Of course not, let's take a look at the other effects of latex pillows.

First, what are the benefits of natural latex pillows? What is the role of latex pillows?

1、Natural and environmentally friendly, non-polluting, non-toxic, anti-mite, anti-allergic.

2、Can effectively improve the cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and lower blood pressure.

3、Strong elasticity, can well buffer the body pressure.

4、Designed according to ergonomic principles to effectively promote sleep.

5、Effectively reduce snoring and is suitable for asthma patients.

6、Effectively reduce static electricity generated between the human body and the fiber.

7、It has good air permeability and quickly dissipates the heat generated by the human body.

8、Formed by high-tech scientific formula, it is durable and does not deform.


1.Price: 99% of the 200 or less on the mall can be judged to be fake or domestic latex pillow. The real Thai local brand authentic agent requires the price to remain above 300 RMB. In Bangkok, the price of natural latex pillows of good quality will be around 2,200 baht. Please be aware of the recommendations of the tour guide when traveling. It is very common to be slaughtered or to buy fakes.

2.Odor: In fact, natural latex pillows have some flavors such as ammonia, and there are some soy milk flavors. This does not have to worry that it is completely harmless to the body, because most of the foaming ingredients will evaporate during the foaming process. Instead, it is necessary to pay attention to the scent of the fragrance, the current Thai factory has completely abandoned the addition of a large number of industrial flavors.

3.Color: The current color can't be used as an intuitive judgment. Some people say that yellow is true. In fact, in the domestic foundries, many pillows are also yellow, and the color is just a different process. But here to teach you a little, some fake latex pillows add a lot of talcum powder and other ingredients, after buying, you can use water to soak a day to see if the water has turned white, whitening almost can be determined to add talcum powder.

Texture: The surface of the real Thai latex pillow is not 100% perfect, because the natural latex pillow is made by a vacuum foaming and shaping process. When leaving the mold, there will be bubbles or mold sticking away some materials, resulting in the appearance of Some irregular small holes have tear marks, which is normal. Those with a smooth surface that looks perfect should be vigilant and may be chemically synthesized latex pillows. (In fact, the domestic production process and production capacity are undoubted, the frequency of defective products in the production line is lower, but mainly the latex raw materials are faked).

Third, the price of latex pillows is appropriate, why a treasure on the treasure is only sold more than 100, there are dozens of dollars sold, but also sell eight or nine hundred dollars, we make an analysis:

1. Many of the shops that claim to be pure natural latex in Thailand, in fact, most of them are not pure natural latex pillows originating in Thailand. There are two kinds of raw materials for latex pillows: one is natural latex, which is cut from rubber trees; the other is chemical latex, which is extracted from petrochemicals. The performance and quality of chemical latex is much lower than that of natural latex, and of course the price is very cheap. In terms of manufacturing costs, chemical latex pillows are far cheaper than natural latex pillows.

2.Natural latex pillows vary in their latex content and prices are different. The direct identification method of latex content is the newly purchased latex pillow. If there is a milky fragrance, the content is above 93%. There is also a particularly comfortable feel, and the rebound time is 3-5 seconds.

3.Although the online is called Thai natural latex pillows, but the factory is different, the raw materials are different, and the quality of the produced products is different. Due to its natural location, several places in Thailand and Malaysia are prime locations in the world where rubber is produced, while rubber produced in other places is of lower quality.

4.The transportation method is different and the cost is different. There are several ways in which Thailand can ship goods to China. The first one is to send EMS or other courier directly to China. The freight is very high, the shipping cost is about 150 to 200 yuan, and the time takes three to five days. The second is the international logistics company that sent to Thailand. After land transportation to Kunming, it will be sent to all parts of the country through domestic express delivery. The freight in this way is relatively cheap, and it is also a common way now, and it takes ten days. The third type is regular import, and some taxes and fees are required. The cost of miscellaneous goods is not cheap. Finally, there is a way to let the tour group bring this kind of basic freight without cost, the cost is very low, only one or two days.

The quality of the choice is different, the transportation method is different, and the price is of course different. No one will do a loss-making business, some merchants in order to attract customers at low prices, regardless of product quality, regardless of good or bad, shoddy to deceive customers. Therefore, please be sure to clean your eyes when you buy, after all, is the daily necessities we need!