About Us

      Royal Latex Pillow is a latex company specializing in the production, design, sales and service of natural latex products. The products designed by the Royal Latex Pillow include latex mattresses, latex pillows, anti-snoring pillows, latex neck pillows, and cartoon pillows.
       Based on the simple, fashionable and humanized design concept, the company draws on the experience of the domestic and foreign advanced technology and technology, and has accumulated years of experience in the latex industry to create a healthy, environmentally friendly and breathable leader who leads deep sleep natural latex bedding.
       The products use 100% pure natural latex raw materials, scientific ergonomic design, high-precision production process and strict quality inspection management system, which has achieved excellent quality. Its latex pillows and latex mattresses are exported to countries all over the world. In order to meet everyone's strong pursuit of health products, and the needs of the majority of traders, importers and exporters, our company has created a one-stop service for the merchants, for your goods customs declaration, import and export services, insurance, etc. Service, can meet the needs of your goods in transit, you can check the source of goods, bulk cargo cabinets, choose the appropriate delivery method, safe and fast delivery of goods.
       With advanced technology, excellent quality and perfect service, our products will be among the forefront of the domestic latex products industry, and we will become the first brand of latex products. We actively advocate: market-oriented, scientific research as the leader, innovation as the means, and green environmental protection as the concept, and actively explore domestic and foreign markets.
       We actively participate in the promotion and promotion of industry exchange activities, providing the best products at the most reasonable price and the most complete service. Use service and sincerity in exchange for your trust and support, mutual benefit and create a win-win situation! Our company warmly welcomes domestic and foreign customers to visit our company, visit and exchange technology!