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ROYAL LATEX Let you have a five-star sleep every day

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In real life, the pressure in work is getting bigger and bigger, and the state of sub-health comes along. More and more people will lose sleep at night. How can I get a good night's sleep? It is important to choose a pillow. We deliberately looked for four office workers, and their selection of pillows should inspire you how to get a good night's sleep.

Xiao Feng office white collar

Choice: high and low granular latex pillow

Trial experience: When I got the pillow, I felt small. Unpacking, the pillow gradually swelled and became bigger. Within a few seconds, a moderately high-sized pillow appeared in front of me. I couldn’t help but curiosity, I tried it that night. The special shape design makes the neck comfortable to hold up, and there is no feeling of "neck empty" on the top. The pillow has no odor. Whether you are sleeping on your side or sleeping on your back, you can quickly change the shape of your head shape according to your posture. There are particles, and I feel that there is some massage effect. Very practical, so I fell asleep very quickly. When I was woken up by the alarm in the morning, I was really reluctant to leave. After using this pillow for two weeks, there has not been a "slipping pillow" situation. I sleep asleep every day, my spirit is very good, and my mood has improved recently. I don't know if it is the merit of this pillow (smirking).

Ms. Zhang, office, white collar

Choice: high and low massage pillow

Trial experience: This is a super easy to use latex pillow, tight packaging, fine workmanship, with a light milk fragrance. Breathability is good, the particle massage effect is good; the elasticity is comfortable, although it is soft but the support is good; the rebound elasticity is good, and the hand presses down to have a firm feeling. For many years, no matter which kind of pillow you sleep, you will adjust your sleeping position from time to time. You often wake up and have a sore shoulder. After using this latex pillow, it is very comfortable to sleep. In the morning, the neck and the cervical spine are very relaxed. There is no feeling of stiffness at all, and it is faster to go to sleep than before. This latex pillow improves my sleep quality and is worth buying.

Mr. Xu, office white collar

Choice: high and low standard pillow

Trial experience: In the past, because the cervical spine was not good, it would hurt for a few days when you were sleeping without a pillow. The pillows at home were piled up into mountains. When the pillow just got the hand, I didn't have any hope, but I lie down and try it. I feel that the height is just right, the softness is very comfortable, and I have a little surprise. After two weeks of trials, there has been no feeling of similar stiffening. This situation has always appeared in the past, so I think it is worth buying and I am going to buy one for my mom!

Mr. Qi, office, white collar

Choice: European standard pillow

Trial experience: I have been facing the computer for a long time because of work, not only the cervical spine is uncomfortable, but sometimes the right arm is often numb. Plus, I am a little obese, sleep always snoring, sometimes loud enough to wake myself up, so I am often ordered to go to sleep on the sofa by my wife, I am also very upset. I heard from a friend some time ago that changing a pillow may improve the status quo. It was a coincidence that I got this European standard pillow. After two weeks of use, I found that my neck stiffness and soreness improved significantly. The symptoms of sleeping and snoring have also been alleviated, and the effect is amazing.

Experts pointed out that the height, hardness, shape and shape of the pillow will affect people's sleep. After reading the trial report of four senior "sleeping difficulties", did you have some inspiration for you? That's right, they used ROYALLATEX for just two weeks and the quality of sleep improved significantly. There are many ways to improve the quality of sleep, but there is no simpler than this - ROYALLATEX! In fact, an ideal pillow, the most basic design is based on ergonomics, so that people who work and study for a day can relieve the fatigue of cervical muscles during sleep. Due to its pure natural materials, natural latex pillows have excellent anti-mite and anti-bacterial properties, prevent cervical diseases and hypoallergenic effects, especially suitable for people with allergies.