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Thai natural latex pillows – why is the most suitable tapping time at 4 am?

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Natural latex pillows are made of natural latex as a raw material. They are carefully manufactured through molding and foaming. Latex pillows have very good breathability and hygroscopicity. Their unique soft touch and high resilience can be well adapted. The contour of the body supports the spine of the human body, causing the spine to stretch naturally, thereby reducing the burden on the spine. In recent years, the latex market is promising because the latex pillow can bring a healthy and comfortable sleep to the user and is constantly accepted and loved by people.

The quality and quantity of latex juice are important factors affecting the production of latex pillows, and the tapping time determines the quality and quantity of the glue. Therefore, people have very strict requirements on the specific tapping time of rubber trees. From March to November every year, from the warming of the weather to the gradual cooling, it is a suitable time for tapping. Normally, a new variety of rubber tree is planted in the past 6 years. The yield is not high in the first two years. In the case of two days of cutting, about half a catty of latex juice is produced every day. The planting time is 8 to 12 years, and the rubber tree is the highest. It can produce 1 kg to 2 kg of latex juice a day. If it is cut once every three days, the yield will be higher.

4-5 o'clock in the morning is the best time to cut rubber in a day. In the bark of the rubber tree, there are a lot of milk tubes that can make latex. When the rubber bark is cut by the tapping worker, the milk-like latex is leaning against the milk duct itself. The swelling action of the parenchyma cells around it and the continuous efflux. The speed and quantity of the glue flow are closely related to the temperature and humidity in the air. The daily temperature is the lowest and the most humid during the day. The rubber tree rests and saves after a night, and the tree body is full of water. The transpiration of the tree is weak or stopped, and the swelling effect of the cell reaches its maximum. At this time, it is most suitable for tapping.

In addition, the optimum temperature for tapping is reached from 4 to 5 in the morning, from 19 ° C to 25 ° C. At this time, the yield of latex and the content of dry rubber are high. As time goes by, the sun rises and the temperature rises. When the temperature exceeds 27 °C, the evaporation of water is accelerated, the speed of solidification of the latex is also accelerated, the time of discharging the glue is greatly shortened, and the output is also reduced. . When the temperature is lower than 17 ° C, the latex flow rate becomes slower. Although the debinding time is long, the latex concentration is low, and the temperature at this time is liable to cause rubber tree lesions or dead skin. Therefore, in the tapping season, it is most suitable for tapping at 4-5 am and at a temperature of 19 °C to 25 °C.

In the process of making latex pillows, the latex purification and production process will be adjusted according to the time of storing the glue after tapping. Only when the time of the tapping storage is combined for raw material configuration and process adjustment, it is possible to produce the highest standard and The best quality latex pillow.