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How to buy authentic Thai latex pillow? How to distinguish true and false latex pillows?

2019-01-08 Hits:2256

CCTV "One Belt, One Road" special series report news broadcast host Ouyang Xia Dan let many people know latex pillows, many people who have never been to Southeast Asia travel to know that there are latex pillows in the world, a pillow can sell more than 600 yuan, Pillows made with sleeves, baby pacifiers and medical gloves are sure to be very comfortable and very healthy. This has aroused the interest of the "hands-on" and has no chance to go to Southeast Asia. What should I do? Look for Ma Yun's omnipotent Taobao to buy! ! !

  Taobao search,latexSales are really hot, sales are huge, credit is also available in 3 Crown stores, the key is cheap, more than 100 to two or three hundred, many brands, how to choose? With the drill-level Taobao experience, the hand-carrying people are very confident in watching sales, watching evaluations, watching the main categories, ordering ~~~ receiving goods, all in one go, the heart is stealing, I spend less than 200 pieces less than 300 pieces. I can buy pillows that I can buy in Thailand 700 and 800. Wow! Thank you Ma Yun, thank you Taobao

  However, are the “par” people buying real 100% natural latex pillows? In my experience, you look at the sales in Taobao according to the sales price of less than 200 yuan less than 300 yuan to buy the Thai latex pillow, more than 90% can be determined that only about 10% of the domestic natural latex added a large amount of synthetic rubber , fragrance, bleach fakes! ! ! !

  Due to the relationship between the big environment, I can't show you the fake shoppers here. I can only teach you how to identify the real latex pillow.

  1. Look at the color. The real product looks yellowish or pale yellow, and the fake looks white or pale.

  2. Look at the underside of the pillow. There are a lot of irregular lines on the surface of the real thing, just like the texture of the back of a person's hand, just not as dense as the texture of the back of the hand. This texture fake is basically impossible to do.

  3. Look at the large vents of the pillow. Whether there is a small air hole next to it, this is due to the formation of air when the pillow is formed, commonly known as tear marks. The low-end fakes look sleek and look good, and there are basically no tear marks, but fakes with a small amount of natural latex also have tear marks.

  4. Smell the smell. The product has a slight or faint frankincense with rubber bark. Some brands still retain the sweetness of sugar in natural rubber. The fakes add flavor to cover the smell of synthetic rubber. They are all flavorful and have a small aroma. The scent is large, vacuum-packed or sealed for a while and then opened to smell a slight gasoline smell. No matter how the fragrance is added, there is absolutely no rubber bark (that is, the taste of the **oo sleeve) due to the fragrance technology. This is the most important indicator for distinguishing between true and false.

  5. Look at the underside of the pillow to inject the glue hole. The Thai production is in the middle (the one with the middle in Vietnam), made at one end. This is an important indicator for judging whether or not authentic Thai pillows.

  6. Look at elastic toughness and support. The true elasticity of the goods is good, the elasticity and toughness of the fake goods are poor, and the real goods are folded and thrown on the table, which has a very elastic feeling. When pillows are pillowed, you can feel that the real goods have very good support for the cervical vertebrae. The fakes are soft, and they are not much different from ordinary pillows. They lack support for the cervical spine. This is an important indicator for judging whether or not authentic Thai pillows.

  7. Look at the durability of elastic toughness. The real goods can be used for more than 8-10 years, and the brand with high latex dosage can even be used for 20 years, and still maintain good elasticity. After six months and one year of fakes, the elasticity will deteriorate.

  The above is a little superficial discussion about everyone. For those friends who have never seen real goods or have no real goods, it is really difficult to judge the true and false, but I believe that according to my method, careful and meticulous comparison, basic Can make a preliminary judgment.